Lost Lugagge

Instructions in case of lost or damaged luggage:

  1. Contact a representative of your airline to make a complaint and, if necessary, file a formal claim for the lost or damaged item(s).
  2. In the case of theft, loss, or damage, the airline or the airport’s “Lost and Found” area will give you a reference code called P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report) that corresponds to the formal claim you have made. (#1)
  3. In the event that the luggage has been opened, verify if any information has been placed inside to indicate if it was opened by the proper authorities.
  4. To immediately begin the claim process fill out the Lost/Damaged Luggage Claim Form. In the event that you are unable to fill out the claim form, contact our Customer Service Call Center by phone (1-800-705-7197 USA toll free, 305-677-6108 or 593-4-2169246), by e-mail at info@uwrapbags.com, or via Skype at assistanceuwrap. Before you contact the U-Wrap™ Customer Service Call Center please have the following information ready: 
    • Telephone / Fax #
    • Mailing Address
    • E-mail
    • Airline / Company
    • Flight Number
    • Date of the Loss
    • Departed From
    • Arrival in
    • U-Wrap™ Registration Number Label
    • P.I.R. Reference Number
  5. By filling out the Lost/Damaged Luggage Claim Form you will receive a U-Wrap™ Claim Number. Save the U-Wrap™ Claim Number for your records. Click on Check Claim Status and enter your U-Wrap™ Claim Number to see whether or not your luggage has been found. You can also call our Customer Service Call Center where a U-Wrap™ representative will be able to assist you. It is very important you contact us via the claim form or call center within the first 48 hours of your arrival.
  6. A U-Wrap™ representative will notify the passenger about the result of their claim. The airline is ultimately responsible to return the lost luggage to the passenger. 


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Lost Luggage

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